Reasons to Move to St. John, Indiana
October 22, 2018

If you are looking for a small town in Indian to call home, why not take a look at St. John? This beautiful area has everything that you could want or need to make life complete, whether you are ready for retirement, just starting out in life, or want to settle down with the family. There are many reasons why St. Joh is the perfect place to call home.

Affordable Living

Life in St. John won’t break you like it does in some areas of the world. In fact, costs of living in the area are lower than other areas in the state and in the U.S.  Yes you can afford to live a comfortable life in St. John! Whether it is groceries, utilities or even house rentals st. john in that you are looking to find, expect affordable rates to come your way.

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Friendly Community

So many people don’t know their neighbors names these days. Maybe that is okay for some people, but it is disheartening for others. If you want to go back to old-fashioned traditions, you will find that available to you in St. John. It is a peaceful, quaint place to be.


St. John is located within a short drive from many metropolitan areas and major cities, including Chicago and Indianapolis. So while you enjoy small town life, it is comforting to know that the big city and all of its meanies are so close by when they’re needed.

St. John has everything that you need to live a comfortable, peaceful life. The reasons to make the move listed here are only a handful of the many reasons to make that move. Browse the homes and make you way to this great small town. You’ll fit right in!