5 Reasons to Move to Toms River
October 22, 2018

Relocating to a place like Toms River is a worthwhile decision for anyone searching for quaint, peaceful living. It is one of the best places to live in Ocean County, as any of the just over 91,000 residents will exclaim. But, what makes Toms River such a phenomenal place to live? Read below to learn five of the many reasons that a move to Toms River is a decision that you’ll love to make.

1.    A Safe Place to Live: Toms River has twice been named as one of the ‘Safest Places in America to Live.’ Residents enjoy low-crime rates, friendly neighbors, and a host of additional benefits small and large.

2.    TV Fame: Jersey Shores was shot in Toms River on some episodes and was MTV’s tv show ‘Made.’ It is a great place to live; one with a variety of opportunities to thrive.

3.    Affordable Real Estate: Although there are many factors that impact the cost to buy a home, you can always expect to find affordable real estate toms river. You get more for your bang as a Toms River resident.

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4.    Good Weather: You get all four seasons in Toms River, with accommodating weather. However, winter is mild, with an average high temperature of about 45 degrees F. Summers are also mild, with an average high of 80 degrees F.

5.    Location, Location, Location: You’re nearby some of the best places to be when you reside in Toms River! Philadelphia is a short 51 miles away; NYC and Newark are each 55 miles; and, drive just 135 miles to arrive in Baltimore, Maryland!

Toms River is home to the largest Halloween party in the world, as one would expect from jersey Shore. Don’t you think that it is time to make the move to this amazing township? You’ll Love life in Toms River!